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Peter Hyde, Newbury

I talked about writing a testimonial with Mark and got a clear impression that he did not really want another one saying how reliable he was, how carefully he and Nick prepare each room for painting, how cheerful and considerate they are and what a good professional job they do. So, I won’t say any of those things, although they are of course true. Nor will I mention how we have used their services several times across a number of years and how pleased we have always been with the results.

Instead I will say that Mark and Nick are a couple of really nice guys who you can share a joke or a bit of banter with. They are equally at home talking about music, current affairs, social issues or pretty much anything. This maybe doesn’t contribute much to the quality of their work (and I really can’t avoid saying that it is pretty good), but it does make it a pleasure to have them in your house.

Peter Hyde